Veronica Roth discusses ‘Allegiant’ plot, ending in depth (MAJOR SPOILERS)

With her Allegiant release tour complete, Veronica Roth is taking the time to explain the plot and ending of Allegiant more in depth.


You should definitely stop reading now if you have yet to read Allegiant.

The author spoke with MTV’s Josh Horowitz in a spoiler-filled interview. The two cover various topics that Divergent lovers will enjoy hearing, including why Roth chose to kill off certain characters, how she came up with the idea of being “Divergent,” a critical scene for which she actually wrote an alternate ending, and much more

You can watch that interview below:


Roth also goes much more in depth about her ending in a spoiler-filled blog post. It’s a fantastic read, in which she explains much of her writing process and the writing beliefs she brings to the table. We are very grateful that Roth took the time to articulate these thoughts, as we still come to terms with the end of the trilogy.

Check out the amazing spoiler-filled read on Roth’s blogspot.

You can read our non-spoiler reviews of the novel here. Roth also recently briefly responded to reader backlash and was backed up by fellow authors John Green and Maureen Johnson. She also did a non-spoiler live stream with VH1 last week.


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  • Rod

    That blogspot post is a GREAT read. Highly recommended.

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