Veronica Roth briefly responds to ‘Allegiant’ backlash, other authors come to defense

We are only two days beyond the release of Veronica Roth’s Allegiant, the final book in her bestelling  Divergent trilogy, yet responses to the novel are already pouring in.

For right now, we are still avoiding spoilers here on BiblioFiend, to respect those who are still reading. But we do want to take the time to comment and speak out against a very terrible way some are responding to Roth and her novel.

Over the past 48 hours, there have been very strong responses to Allegiant. This was certainly expected. Roth has crafted a unique and captivating series with Divergent and Insurgent, and fans are very eager to find out how the story concludes.

Some people liked the ending, some people didn’t like it. A lot of people had mixed feelings about it. These are all wonderful things. Discussing literature, characters, and an author’s route is always very healthy and important, both the good and the bad, whatever one’s opinion might be. Even if you completely disagree with certain points of a novel, that is perfectly fine – but there is always an appropriate way to discuss that opinion.

Threatening authors is never okay.

However, this is how some people have chosen to respond to Veronica Roth in the past couple of days. We won’t lend them the credit by linking to their absurd claims, but some have gone as far as saying they would physically attack Roth if they met her on the street. It is incredibly unfortunate that people would resort to such claims against someone who has shared such a beautiful thing with the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I was heartbroken by the end of Allegiant, along with several other points throughout the series. But this was also true when I read The Hunger Games, or Harry Potter, or just about any other series that has stuck with me over my life. After thinking about the concluding events of Allegiant over the past couple of days, I’ve actually come to terms with and agree with Roth’s choices for her characters. It makes complete sense. But this is my opinion. If you disagree, that is also a beautiful thing and you are completely entitled to that opinion.

There is something that we, as readers, need to remember when we become so attached to books. First off, the author does not owe us anything. It is that author’s story, to do with how they see fit – or really, as they see is right for what they are trying to capture with that story. Similarly, readers do not owe authors unlimited devotion. They are free to disagree and even dislike an author’s choice. But it should never reach the point of violence and threats.

Roth responded briefly to these threats on Twitter. Several of our other favorite authors came to her defense, including John Green and Maureen Johnson, and added to the larger conversation. Read their thoughts for important wisdom:

Most of these things could not have been said any better, so we thank these authors for articulating them so well.

If you see someone taking it too far with their thoughts on this novel or any novel, get them to check themselves. We can all help each other out a little there. Authors give us really amazing things to enjoy. They never deserve feedback that is so violent.

We are very thankful to Veronica Roth for giving us a beautiful, though sometimes tragic, story. You can catch our non-spoiler thoughts on Allegiant here.

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  • Carlin Coulam

    I totally agree with the authors. NEVER BE OVERLY ATTACHED TO BOOKS!

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