Veronica Roth comments on rumored ‘Allegiant’ spoilers

With Allegiant just around the corner, rumors have been circulating about who author Veronica Roth will kill off in the final book of the Divergent trilogy. To address these rumors, she posted a message for fans on her Tumblr, which can be read in full right here.

The main rumors come from a made up quote that Veronica Roth supposedly said regarding Four’s death. However, she would like to make it clear that she has not said anything on the subject nor does she plan to. Fret not!

Veronica wrote:

I love that so many people are so concerned about what happens in book 3, because it means that you care, and that is awesome. I am lucky to have readers who want to throttle me for answers, really. I’m just trying to find a way to clarify things without alarming anyone with the pesky limitations of the English language, so here are the things I have actually said about Allegiant:

-It contains both Tris and Tobias’s POVs (points of view), alternating by chapter. (More on that here.)

-It is slightly longer than Divergent and Insurgent

-In it, you will find out what’s outside the fence

…and I’m pretty sure that’s it? And honestly, it’s pretty much all I will say before it comes out, because I want everyone to have a clean slate when they crack it open. Or as clean a slate as possible.

With this being said, Divergent fans should consider everything regarding Allegiant to be a rumor.

If you have a question about something you read about Allegiant, Veronica has come up with a new system of answering without giving away any spoilers.

I feel like we need a word for “I did not say [insertspoilerhere] but I’m not saying it’s not true and I’m not saying it is true, I’m just saying that I didn’t say it.” Maybe it can be…shenanigans? As in:

Reader: “Veronica, did you say THIS?”

Me: “Shenanigans!”

Reader: “Ah, that clears it up.”

I’m going with it.

In other words, I guess we will all just have to wait and see what happens on October 22 when Allegiant hits shelves!

What are your predictions for the final book? Share them below!

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