Lev Grossman updates on ‘The Magician’s Land,’ future projects

Today, bestselling author Lev Grossman gave fans a substantial update on his upcoming novel The Magician’s Land, the third book in The Magicians trilogy.

In the latest issue of The Brakebills Alumni Newsletter, modeled after the magical school Brakebills from Grossman’s novels, the author discusses the gap between The Magician King, future projects, and the highly anticipated The Magician’s Land.

Grossman mentions that while he doesn’t like allowing 2 years to pass in between books, he has been quite preoccupied with his new baby. “I did have a baby last year, which is sort of like a novel, except a lot louder,” Grossman says. “And it eats more. And sleeps less. So there’s that.” We can probably forgive him for that one.

He also alludes to some future projects on the way. We do not get many details, but there are signs of life!

“And I’ve been working hard on some Secret Projects. There aren’t a lot of things more annoying than a writer hinting that they’ve got some secret projects happening, but I seriously do have some. But it might screw them up to talk about them at this point. I can say this: there are three of them, and I would say that two are definitely going to happen, and the third I’m giving about a 50/50 shot.”

At LeakyCon a couple of weeks ago, I was able to catch up with Grossman for a few minutes. He also mentioned there that he has a couple of new projects on the way, and he seemed really excited about them. After Grossman hit such an excellent stride with The Magicians, I think we can look forward to some really great things with his future works.

Grossman goes on to confirm what he also told me at LeakyCon: The Magician’s Land is indeed the final book in what we can now officially call a trilogy.

“When I started The Magicians the prospect of its being published seemed so remote that I didn’t even think about writing anything after it. Then I realized the story went further, a lot further, and that was The Magician King. Then I realized that it had an end. Earlier today I wrote it: the last sentence of the twenty-seventh and last chapter of The Magician’s Land, which is the last Magicians novel.”

From the author himself: the draft is done! There will of course be edits and reworkings before it goes off to the publisher, but it is exciting to hear the first full draft is done.

How does the author feel about finishing up his trilogy?

“It’s a bittersweet feeling. I’m glad to be done, because writing it was hard, and I’m really proud of the book. I think it’s the best of the three. (Yeah, I would say that. But still.) But I’ll miss writing in this world, with these voices, about these people, very much. I won’t promise never to write anything else in the Magiciansverse, but this is the end of Quentin’s story, and a couple of other people’s too.”

We will definitely be sad to see Quentin go! But now the question becomes: what will be his fate?

When I asked Grossman about the trilogy, and if he felt that it came to a good close, he said he feels a good sense of closure. He mentioned that nearly everyone is either dead or married off by the end. That definitely leaves us with a lot to ponder – and worry about!

Grossman closes up the newsletter with predicting a release date around August 2014. That leaves us still a little more than a year away, but we are definitely looking forward to it!

What are you hoping to see in The Magician’s Land? What will happen to Quentin next? Will there be a return of Alice after all? Will we find out more about Julia’s future? What might we see back at Brakebills?


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