Kiera Cass annouced release date for ‘The One’

Have you read The Elite yet? Well perhaps you don’t need to rush too much if your summer reading list is extremely long. Kiera Cass has announced via her webpage, the release date of the final book in The Selection trilogy. The final book The One, will hit shelves May 6, 2014. You can read her official post here:

harry princessOkay, so this may not* be the cover art for the final book in The Selection Trilogy, but I do have some real news for you guys. We have a release date!

THE ONE will be out May 6, 2014.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: KIERA, THAT’S MORE THAN A YEAR AFTER THE ELITE. Yes, that is true. Congrats on mastering your calendar! But I promise there will be plenty of goodies between now and then to keep you excited. And sometimes these things change, and if this happens to, I’ll make sure you know ASAP!

*is totally not.

So it seems fans will have to wait nearly a year to learn the final results of America’s journey through the selection process. But seems that there will be some sneak peaks given in the mean time. My personal guess for what that will entail? Another short story, perhaps this time from the perspective of Aspen’s point of view this time.

What do you think of the possible goodies we’ll receive? Let us know your guesses.


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  • kristine deles

    .i’ll be patiently waiting =))

  • Manuela Putzu

    umpf we’ll have to wait half a year!!! I love this story and when it’ll finish I’ll surely cry!!! great job!

  • boredom

    Ugh! I skipped most of the elite story becoz its boring. I think shes just stretching the story to make a trilogy. And i have to wait for the 3rd book for almost a year. Great!

  • olive

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!! I love these books!

  • Jeannine Aliwalas

    I’m sooooooo….!!! Excited !!!!!

  • Kristie Ambrose

    Ahhh please let prince Maxon choose america! Kriss is OK but she doesn’t have a connection to what its like to be poor! America would be a better queen, I don’t care about the king.

  • Kate Evangelista

    Why must we suffer?!

  • sally

    OMG!!!! i really cant wait… this is sooo notfair!! but whatever, plz plz plz make maxon choose america!! i love their chemistry:)

  • nessa s

    Cw series?? Hmmm…..I don’t like the choice for maxon….isn’t he light haired?? William mosley (who the hinted as aspen) would be better!! Total hot/adorable prince material!!
    Hurry with the next booooookie!!

  • America Quattrocchi

    harry styles?

  • Phay

    Its to much time i have to wait!!! Lol i just wanna read it right now!!! please make maxon chose america :3 and do something about that mean king! geez <3 #OBSESSED

  • Morgan stew

    I need to find a good book to read..and fast… So you better hurry up with the book Kiera

  • Ridge

    Kiera… Let america Marry me instead…. ^_^



  • ting

    i really want her to get married to maxon…

  • Stacy

    Yay! Only 3 more days! xD

  • tanees

    i really want to read the one. i checked in the library and there was only the first two. i loved them and i really can’t wait till i find out who the person will be. Does anyone know if you can read the whole book online for free

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