Excerpt of ‘The Fiery Heart’ from Richelle Mead’s ‘Bloodlines’ series

With just over one month since the release of The Indigo Spell, the third book in Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series, the Facebook page for the books has released an excerpt for the next book The Fiery Heart.

The Facebook released the four-page excerpt after they hit 55,000 fans, and it gives us our first look at the next chapter in Sydney Sage’s story. We won’t say too much on the except in case you haven’t caught up with your reading yet, but it definitely gets us pumped for the release of Mead’s next book.

If you’re ready, you can read the excerpt here.

Late last month, we brought you the newly released cover of the fourth Bloodlines book. Mead has previously said there will be six books in this series, as was the case in her earlier series Vampire Academy.

The author has a new series called Age of X, for which Gameboard of the Gods is the first book and releases June 4. This newest series is set 100 years in the future, in a world that’s been devastated by a deadly virus and reorganized.

You can also check out our latest news on the Vampire Academy film adaptation.

The Fiery Heart hits shelves later his year on November 19.




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