Epic Reads talks to Lauren Oliver about ‘Requiem’, ‘Delirium’ TV show, new material, and more

Today Epic Reads hung out with Delirium author Lauren Oliver for a Team Time session to answer questions about upcoming projects. Oliver talked mainly about Requiem which comes out Match 5 and Fox’s TV adaptation of the books which will air later this year. A few fun questions were thrown in as well to add to the fun.

Here are some of the highlights:

Lauren Oliver has not been asked to help write the script for the TV show, but she has been asked to read through parts and make comments. She is extremely happy with the casting so far, and she is glad Delirium will be made into a show because she loves TV. Oliver is also excited to find out who will play Alex but wouldn’t spill on whether or not he’s been narrowed down.

If Oliver was stranded on an island and could only bring 3 books with her, she would bring 1) a blank notebook so she can write her own stories, 2) Harry Potter because they are lengthy and she could read them again and again, and 3) Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust because it’s so long.

Oliver’s current YA crush is Mateo from the Spellcaster series.

If she could have the help of any character in the event of a zombie apocalypse, she would want Katniss or Hermione by her side.

When asked if any of her characters are based on people she knows in real life, she explained how she draws from real people and pulls certain details from them, but never translates someone directly onto the page. 

When Requiem is released, Oliver’s first book tour will begin starting in D.C. 

Lauren Oliver’s favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation.

When asked about her favorite genre of YA literature, Oliver said she is glad to see that books centered around the “teen experience” are gaining in popularity. Even though she wrote a dystopian book, she explains that it can get boring when one genre overpowers the rest.

As far as new material, Lauren says she has written a realistic YA novel called PANIC which has some darker tones. She is also working on an adult novel for sometime next year.

The full length video has not yet been uploaded, but when it is, you can watch the entire thing on the Epic Reads YouTube channel.

Requiem by Lauren Oliver is available for pre-order now! All first editions will include a short story told from the prospective of Alex Sheathes, so don’t wait to order!

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